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June 4, 2023

Interview With Bodybuilder Sean Jones
Interviewed by Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com - March 2008
As Published In Real Gainz Magazine!

Sean Jones Bodybuilder Interview Mass Attack - Loaded and Pumped!

You've seen him everywhere; on covers, in magazines, as a model, as a bodybuilder, and exploding the shows at competitions. This massive beast with biceps the size of cannon balls and muscles ripping through his shirt isn't to be reckoned with! But, who is Sean Jones? We bring you inside the live of one of the biggest guys in the industry of bodybuilding and bring to light, his personality and his mind. We give you his detailed diet plan and workout plan for massive growth results!

Critical Bench: I am here with Sean Jones today, perhaps a legend in the making. Sean, it's great to have you with us today as history is soon to be made! Give us some background information about you!

Sean: Well, I'm human, contrary to popular belief. I Figured I'd dispel any rumors you may have heard. I was born and what many consider, raised in Trinidad, the most southerly, of the tropical Caribbean islands. I moved to New York, as a teen. Don't remember ever being assimilated to the N.Y. demeanor, since I tend to gravitate towards more hospitable environments.

I moved to New Jersey, thereafter, I travel the world modeling, so my current address is Sean Jones. Two check - in and a carry-on, whatever airport, Earth. I'm currently the most well known bodybuilder for body paint events and I'm looking forward to 2008 where, I'll be modeling at the Canadian Body Art Championships, on May, 2nd and the North American Body Art Championships, on August second and third. Proceeds from this event will be donated to The Breast Cancer Society. The masterminds behind these worthy causes are Blair and Michele Gallant. I'll also be doing a seminar in Vancouver, for a fitness center, owned by an incredible trainer and friend, Jenny Arnold. In progress is my work with a group of master trainers, called the Body Syndicate and also a website, called splaxon.com. I'll be doing some work with thebodynet.com and Lana Egg Whites. I've been a long time affiliate with proteinfactory.com, where I customize my protein formulations and Hotbodz Clothing, who sees to it that I'm usually seen, looking quite presentable, unlike some of my gym buddies. Sorry guys, but the Titanic boat neck and the clown pants, got to go!

Critical Bench: Wow, whether you're human, non human, or super human, what an outstanding resume you have! Before we get further into your life, how did you get started in bodybuilding!

Sean: I've always been athletic. I've acquire gold and silver medals in triple jump, long jump, javelin, and discus. I was also heavily into martial arts, hence the infamous Sean Jones split. Another heart felt joy of mine, was art. The craftsmanship that goes into a sculpture has always been fascinating to me and the idea of creating a masterpiece, from living tissue, seemed to be the perfect marriage of art and artistry. To be able to walk around, looking like a stone carved statue of a Greek God, seemed to be the ultimate fantasy!

Bodybuilder Sean Jones Critical Bench: At one point in time you were a lot smaller than all of your peers. Then you became one of the biggest and most impressive looking bodybuilders that I have ever seen before. I've seen a lot in this industry, over the last 10 years. How did it feel going from being one of the scrawniest kids to making the transformation into becoming one of the biggest bodybuilders that most people will ever meet in their life times?

Sean: Other than the fact that I had to create a new wardrobe from curtains and king sized bed sheets? You know, not much, in terms of my character. I've never been entirely acclimated to the public's reactions. People's idiosyncrasies, seem to leak, when they don't know what to say and are too unconsciously incompetent to know it and thus, say nothing. The physiological changes are obvious. In retrospect, I miss buying suits and formal wear, in general. Good tailors are hard to come by and my dress shirts average $175.00, each. Fortunately, I have not lost my flexibility and being recognized and refereed to on a first name basis, in my favorite sushi bars, tends to make it all worth the metamorphosis. There's even a Sean Jones roll! It's awesome!

Critical Bench: That is great! Speaking of your amazing size, in an interview you did with Rodney Labbe, you said, "One kid asked me to touch my shoulder with my hand, and I found out I couldn't, because of my bicep!" That's funny that your arms are that big! Tell us about your arm routine and how you built such massive and sculpted arms?

Sean: They're not one of my better attributes, but they're enough to induce a reaction, I guess. I'm not a big arm training fan, but when I do train them, I'll do heavy reverse curls, with a thumbless grip, then incline hammer curls, then preacher curls, all in one giant set. Three sets of this, to failure, and my biceps are toasted. For triceps, I'll do dips, between two benches, with a few 45 pound plates on my lap and drop a plate. Each time, I push to momentary failure. Then, it's on to narrow grip push downs, wide grip push downs and reverse grip, and triceps pull downs; all in a tri-set. No pun intended. 2-3 sets of those and it off to a much deserved protein shake.

Critical Bench: Great information! Could you tell us about your leg routine! How do you build such massive legs and tell us about some of the weights you use when you are training your legs!

Sean: Ahh, the all familiar question, about the body part that has cost me friends, who dared to be workout partners. I've been training with this Asian kid, named Ron, for a few weeks, and I have to say, this dude has heart! We'll do high rep extensions, super set with sissy squats, super set with leg presses, for three sets. Then, we squat. 3-4 sets max. Hams, varies. But, three to four sets of leg curls and three heavy sets of hack squat, and good mornings. We're usually not too friendly with each other after this!

Critical Bench: You're sparking a fire in us all to train! Ha-ha. You are hard core. So, tell us about your back routine!

Sean: My back routine is often predetermined by the leg work out I did earlier in the week. If I commenced the leg workout with quads, I would start off with dead lifts, then, the emphasis would gradually progress upwards, with each consecutive movement. I contrast, if I fried the hams and glutes, first and they're still sore on back day, it would be highly impractical to do heavy deads, which obviously tax these muscles. When I say, "I train my ass off", I don't mean it literally.

A typical back day would be straight arm pull downs for three sets, followed by wide grip pull ups, superset with medium grip pull ups, super set with medium grip chins, and superset with narrow grip chins. This giant set would be repeated twice. Then, its cable rows or hammer strength rows, for three sets. Then, I'll dead lift for 3 sets. If I'm not in a super set mood, I'll just do straight sets of chins with some one piggy backing on me, for extra weight, if the chosen jockey could avoid choking me, in the process.

Bodybuilder Sean Jones at the Gym Critical Bench: Tell us about your chest routine!

Sean: Like back, chest is one of those body parts I tend to incorporate a wide variety of angles in my assault. It's not uncommon for me to start off with a 65 degree, incline power flies, take a 10 second break, do the same movement with slightly less weight, at 45 degrees, incline, breathe for ten seconds and finish frying the upper chest with a moderate weight, on a 30 degree incline. I would rest after this abuse and repeat the circuit, two more times. Three sets of heavy machine presses would usually follow. I tend to use hammer strength or any movement that serves as a substitute for benching, which I almost never do. I'll then walk pass the now disgusted onlookers and risk death, with three sets of wide grip dips to failure, followed by three, super slow negatives and a 5 second maximum stretch, at the end of each set.

Critical Bench: That's so hard to believe that a person does that! This is great! Tell us about your abs routine!

Sean: I have not done abs, consistently since 2002. Most of my current abdominal development is residual and the detail that everyone raves about is obviously a result of being lean. Bodybuilding legend, Kevin Levrone, swears to me and others; that he's never seen abs like mine before. When I did do them, my workouts were brief and intense. I did them twice per week, on average. I would frequently incorporate giant sets with movements that featured an extended range of motion.

I'm currently working on an abs system that uses a very simple device that will allow anyone who dares to transcend, beyond their set approach to abs training, to realize that they are light years away from their full potential. My abs training involves strengthening the rectus abdominis in stretched positions, where they're at their weakest. There is an obvious cosmetic benefit, but the effects go far beyond visual. The functional stability gained by this method, prevents lumbar spine injuries, intra abdominal visceral injuries....even liver and kidney rupture, usually occurring in accident victims from deceleration.

My abs have very little to do with choosing the right parents. Anyone who trains abs with me will know this.

Sean Jones Modeling Body Art Critical Bench: Do you do cardio?

Sean: Not for the most part and never consistently. I train like a lion and eat like a pussy cat for a show. Why would I need cardio?

Critical Bench: Ha-ha, true! Do you have an on season and off season? If so, how does your training vary depending on the season?

Sean: Ideally, the main variable would be my caloric intake and food selection. Training should be goal oriented year round, especially if you consider the fact that a high carb/high calorie intake is conducive to muscle growth. Modeling on, a regular basis, does not afford me the luxury of an "off season". So, I can't give you any entertaining stories of hot dog eating contests and feedings to rival the ones you see on nature channels.

Critical Bench: Are there any fancy/special exercises that you do that you find helpful in your routine?

Sean: I've modified some movements, for the purpose of recruiting more motor units in muscle. I'll occasionally use the abductor machine for glutes. I'll fold my arms and remain squatted, six inches off the seat, as I maintain a 45 degree, forward lean. The task of abduction now becomes the glutes' and the isolation, quickly becomes obvious. I have some tricks up my sleeve, mostly for abs. I'm sure you don't have the time for me to get into that here. But, I'll say this; when I reveal my abs training secrets, who so ever dares to try them, will discover that they've spent their lives underestimating their potential!

Critical Bench: You're also a very powerful bodybuilder. In fact, you are so strong that you have to have your dumbbells specially made for you. Tell us about that!

Sean: Oh, you heard about that, huh? Yeah, I'll routinely add humans to many of the hammer strength machines, when plates are not sufficient. Conventional dumbbells eventually became excessively aerobic so, I had a dumbbell made with 12 pound plates. It weighs around 212 or so.

Critical Bench: That is more than weight than Ronnie used in his video! You're the real deal! Sean, tell us about all the obstacles that you have faced in the past year!

Sean: Wow! This year, I invented "up hill hurdling!" My focus and zeal had subsided, primarily due to the fact that I placed a controversial second in my last contest, in 2006. The crowd booed, much to the dismay of the judges and obviously the winner. I felt no desire to refuel, based on the simple rationale, "Why bother?" My environment was draining me and people around me were more parasitic, than symbiotic. These issues were to become insignificant, in comparison, to what was to occur.

As Published in Real Gainz Mag

I was chosen by world renowned body painter, John Vargas, to represent the U.S.A. at the World Body Paint Festival, in Seeboden, Austria. I was a big hit in Europe. So much so, that, I was seen and chosen by, my now dear friends in Nanaimo, Vancouver, to be the feature model at a major event, where the proceeds went towards breast cancer research. Little did I know that an ironic and very distasteful event were to follow. Upon my return to the U.S., my mom told me that she had advanced breast and lung cancer. She told me her hemoglobin levels were so low, that she was told to go to hospice. You know how you react to things like this, has nothing to do with strength and rigidity. I see so many people, living in a state of rigor, not realizing that a man is born, limber and flexible, yet dies, cold and stiff. The hardness I see, fueled by pride or whatever issue, is a friend to death. I'm sure that if I trained with an inflexible barbell. It would break.

In a situation like this, you find out what people really are. Humans are like teabags, you'll know how strong they are when you put them in hot water. To Genelle, Gordon, Mare, Mike, Dallas and the rest of you, I say thanks. There was actually a so called trainer, with a major Napoleon complex and the ethics of an alley cat, (Let's call him Dwayne), who had some highly insensitive and malicious things to say, and do; around this time and him, I'll leave to God's wrath.

I'm happy announcing that my mother's ascending health status is astounding and the affliction has ignited a long overdue relationship between us. You know, they say, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." Question is, "What do you do when the lemons are just too sour?" I'm no philosopher, but I think these lemons serve to remind us to savor the sweet in life and rejoice in it. Sometimes, we need to have our planet cleansed so we could more adequately identify life's pleasant flavors. Kind of like the feeling you get from that first bite of pizza, after weeks or months of dieting, you know?

Critical Bench: You're multi dimensional! How has your mother delt with having cancer and what challenges have you seen her go through?

Sean: Being the strong will and ultra courageous woman that she is, it was considerably difficult to witness her in a state, where her health was compromised. She seemed passive and almost content, considering such a distasteful occurrence. I mean, we're talking cancer here, and I was more visible pensive than she was. The primary symptom, I witnessed, was the chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting (CINV). This is common among chemo patients, as the medication is interpreted as a toxin, causing neurotransmitters to be sent to a center of the brain, which controls regurgitation. That part was rough.

Critical Bench: How long has she been fighting the cancer?

Sean: She found out July 22nd, but who knows when fate conceived the malignancy?

Critical Bench: Tell me what you, personally, have done to help fight breast cancer.

Sean: Not enough, in my opinion. It is my contention, that awareness is the most efficacious tool, with any illness, where early detection is such a significant factor. Cancers are call malignant, for a reason, and malice is insatiable. My mother's cancer spread to her lungs. I feel certain that would not have been the case, had she made mammograms requisite. I was in Vancouver for a major body painting event, where those in attendance paid to have their pictures taken with me. The event was a great success and a portion of the proceeds went to breast cancer. I'm also in the process of making arrangements with event coordinators, who are involved with the same cause. I started "Bodybuilders for Breast Cancer" with Tammy Renee', Owner of Real Gainz, and the response was nothing short of overwhelming. My upcoming seminar, in Vancouver with Jenny Arnold, will feature my verbal reminders, for all applicable listeners to get tested. I would very much like to get the attention of the Live Strong foundation! This is only the beginning of this fight!!

Sean Jones Bodybuilder

Critical Bench: You were quoted once saying, "Bodybuilding is the least sport involved in the fight for breast cancer". Explain to me what you have learned about this since your mother has been fighting breast cancer.

Sean: Well, you have this obscure, little subculture, plagued for decades by the "dumb jock" stigma. As a sport, we've yet to have a positive impact on society, by way of appeal. Would it not be advantageous, for athletes in our game, to publicly participate in events and worthy causes for the greater good? I'm looking for a Live Strong shirt to fit, as we speak!

Critical Bench: How you would like to change this?

Sean: If I can see eyes and ears open, then the ride was worth the falls. I'm talking about saving lives, here. We live in a country that feeds pigeons and shoots eagles, with no hesitation, to maintain it's trillions of dollars on war related expenses. I've seen my share of political media and I've yet to see cancer addressed. Since we, as a race of humans, are left to be responsible for our health or lack thereof, I can't afford to let this issue rest.

Critical Bench: We hope this issue gets the attention it deserves as soon as possible. We hope your story makes a difference, thanks so much for sharing. I heard that you might be a spokes model for Jet Fuel! Tell us about that!

Sean: We're talking about Jet Fuel, by G.A.T.! Indeed, the most appropriately named supplement I've encountered! I've used Jet Fuel, quite extensively, in preparation for shows and photo shoots. I've found its efficacy is superior to that of the top selling fat burning, energy products. I tend to crave instant gratification, so I have a weakness for any supplement induces visible and feel - able results. This is no shameless plug. G.A.T. actually approached me. Charles Moser is the Man behind the magic and, I will publicly attest to the fact that he is a man of integrity, which is a characteristic, rare in the supplement industry. You'll be seeing me in their ads soon. I love Jet Fuel as a pre-workout, fat incinerating, energizer. I am honored to be a member of the G.A.T. team.

Critical Bench: You have a ton of personality and charisma! You have "action hero" written all over you. If you were to play a role in a movie, of any type of character, what type of character would you play?

Sean: I'll play the man strangling you for asking me that! Ha-ha. Considering my versatility, I'll play anything that involves action, adventure, and/or drama.

Critical Bench: You talked about your prior experiences in bodybuilding earlier. What would you like to see change in the bodybuilding industry, in general?

Bodybuilder Sean Jones doing leg presses Sean: In my perfect world? That's easy. The judges will be subliminally influenced to believe I'm 350 pounds, at 1% body fat, even in the off season. Apart from that, there would be ethical objectivism, and that would be a prerequisite. Granted, bodybuilding judging involves some subjectivity, the lack of objectivity at some events, is obvious. The illusion of impropriety makes any organization lose credibility, thus fans, thus money! I'd like to see athletes compensated much more adequately, also. I'd like bodybuilders to market themselves, far beyond the boundaries of the stage. You've got to knock on doors, here!

Critical Bench: Those are very honest and creative answer! You are such a freak, how do you stay balanced in life while still becoming such a freak of nature, in a positive way, in the sport of bodybuilding?

Sean: You know I like to draft my thoughts and hit the "character check" key, before I save or send. This is how I ensure I don't disturb balance around me. One of the pre-conceived notions of people, who look like me, is one of intellectual dwarfism. I think I've sufficiently dispelled that theory. I try to view myself as an isosceles triangle; one side being my mind, the other my body, and the third, my spirit. Should any one of these sides lack or linger, my "triangularity" would lose symmetry. As bodybuilders, we detest asymmetry in our physique. Why then, should we tolerate it in our lives?

Critical Bench: How do you want people to remember Sean Jones when your bodybuilding career ends?

Sean: I would like to be remembered for my admirable character traits that proved beneficial to anyone, and for being an original thinker.

Critical Bench: Tell us about some of the things that you have achieved in the bodybuilding industry that you are proud of! Tell us about some of the competitions you succeeded in, the magazines you have been published in, and any achievement that brings a smile to your face!

Sean: You'll have to thank good ole' fashion baking soda and peroxide for that smile! Ha-ha. Actually, it's my contention that nothing surpasses this very moment, simply because I'm now in a position to use my blessings for a cause, more mightily than myself. I've won the New Jersey State Championships and Suburban, a few times. I conquered the East Coast and the ever popular Muscle Beach in Venice, which earned me the coveted privilege to shoot with the master on lenses, SecondFocus by Ian Sitren. The Crishindo of the weekend was walking into the meca of bodybuilding; Gold's Gym, in Venice Beach and suddenly, up comes Lou Ferrigno. Lou Ferrigno utters, "Wow! Who is this kid? He looks great!" Thank God, I carbed up on low fiber, eh?

Another pinnacle was being selected by world famous body painter, John Vargas, to represent the U.S.A. at the World Body Paint Festival, held in Seeboden, Austria. We took second against over a hundred formidable model/painter combos.

Another reason why the aforementioned European visit, is particularly impactful, is the fact that I befriended the "Body Gras Team"; a group of industrious and progressive individuals, intensively involved in major art related events in Vancouver. They were awestricken by my performance that they offered to make me the feature model of their annual event, in Nanaimo, British Columbia. The significance of this opportunity was greater than I ever imagined, due to the fact that the event raised money for breast cancer research. This was all before returning to America, where, my first night in New Jersey was to be a sleepless one. This was when I found out that the very illness that I sought to wage war on, had afflicted my mother. My trip to Vancouver was now fueled by the impact of this horrific news. Leaving my mom behind was not easy, but evil prospers when good men stand by and do nothing, right? In terms of bodybuilding related achievements, the ones that saved, inspire, or in any way, improve the quality of lives, are the ones I hold dear.

Bodybuilder Sean Jones Critical Bench: Very nice!! You have memories that exceed dreams and even more ahead! What are your future goals?

Sean: To convince a Cheesecake Factory to give me an "all you can eat" pass. Ha-ha. Honestly? To look at my life in retrospect and say, "Well done" and have God do the same.

Critical Bench: What's your advice for the young bodybuilder who looks up to you and who would like to be like Sean Jones someday?

Sean: DON'T! Ha-ha. The moral fiber and fortitude, needed to excel in this arena, tends to place many in a lonely, self imposed solitary confinement. I see so many young athletes get so granular and obsessive, that they forget to live! I'm no doctor Phil, but I'll say this: neither bodybuilding, nor anything else is a path to happiness. Happiness is the path, not the destination. Don't wait until you add 2 inches on your arm before you know how to smile. Take time to smell the roses, before you wake up, incline pressing daises. Ha-ha.

Critical Bench: What makes Sean Jones different from everyone else?

Sean: Sean Jones, exclusive attributes? Ha-ha! I think being conscious of my incompetence, seems to be my most unique and admirable characteristic. By "incompetence," I'm referring to the state of not being wise enough. In contrast, most people are blind to their insufficient knowledge. You know, the know-it-all's of the world, who I call "Unconsciously incompetent!" Bruce Lee said, "Man is constantly growing and when he's bound by a set pattern of ideas or way of doing things, that's when he stops growing. I'm humble enough to gain knowledge from anyone. As to more personal virtues, I'm respectful and sympathetic. I'm fair, benevolent and loyal, to anyone I befriend. Unless you live in trees and worship sticks, you'll agree that these virtues are quite rare.

Critical Bench: Wow, I've read Bruce Lee's book, "Striking Thoughts" and they were striking, but there were a hell of a lot of striking thoughts that were profound and funny both in your interview today. Sean, it has been a pleasure interviewing you! In closing is there anything else you would like to say and anyone who you would like to thank?

bodybuilder sean jones flexing his lats and back muscles Sean: Needless to say, I thank God for all things. I'm quite sure, regardless of faith, anyone reading this would agree that there are circumstances, far worse than where they are. Considering, that my first protein shake was breast milk, thanks to mother dear, is in order. There's no "I" in team, so I owe several a deep debt of gratitude. I ask, only that the unmentioned, deserving souls be not offended. Gordon and I.F.B.B. Pro, Debbie Bramwell, you have given me priceless, philosophical inspiration and consolation, everlasting. My blessed friends, Ken and Michelle Langelier, "thank you" seem insufficient. My good friends, Dawn, Jeff King, Minee, Michele, Chris, Mare, all the Mikes and Johns (Ha-ha) that apply, you are gems. You are set apart. Thank you, Charles Moser, of G.A.T. (Jet Fuel) for believing in my potential. Robert Hatch, Bill Grant, Kevin Levrone and my friend, Danny; what can't I thank you for?

Last, and by no means not least, thank to Tammy Renee', for her love and support, through my darkest hour. I can never repay her. Thank you, hardship, for bestowing in me courage and character. To my haters and the dwarf who derive pleasure in vilifying me, thank you for the motivation, to better myself and piss you off, even more! For all who wished me well; my heart is with you, always and remembers that I'll always be your same old Sean!! It has been a pleasure being interviewed by you, Ben. Thank you.



3 Jet Fuels;

5 Grams Glutamine;

1 Cup coffee with 6 equals

8 a.m. 9:30 a.m.:



70- 100 grams cross flow, micro filtrated, whey isolate;

(C.F.M.) usually w/ glutamine peptides and Aminogen;

70 grams Pure Vitargo of similar waxy maze, carb source.

11 a.m.:

60-70 grams protein from egg whites international;

Bowl oats with cinnamon, equal, and natural almond or

peanut butter.

2:00 p.m.:

Meat loaf w/ ground buffalo, peppers onions, egg beaters and spicy salsa.

5:00 p.m.:

Protein shake, w/ extra glutamine, bovine serum and Aminogen, added to a blend of peptides, I formulated.

6:30 p.m.:

3 Jet Fuels;



7:00 p.m.:


8:00 p.m.:

Repeat post workout meal

9:00 p.m.:

Salmon w/ low calorie Masterpiece barbecue sauce and a


11:30 p.m.

Turkey or buffalo omelet or sashimi

Miso soup and seaweed salad.

I'll usually have protein bars and almonds, as snacks, late night.

Sean Jones Bodybuilding Video

Sean Jones 7 day work out

Day 1:


Incline flies (65 degrees)

10 second break

Incline flies (45 degrees)

10 second break

Incline flies (30 degrees)

3 minute rest and repeat

Incline barbell press X 3 sets

Hammer strength v-wide press x 3 sets

V-Bar dips to failure, 2 negatives

Superset with cable cross over x 2-3 sets

Bench dips, drop set, starting with 4 45 pound plates x 3 sets

Reverse grip pushdowns

10 Second Break

Wide pushdowns (overhead)

10 Second break

Narrow grip pushdowns (overhead)

3 Minute Break and repeat 2 more times


Reverse grip E-Z bar

10 Second Break

Incline hammer curls

10 Second Break

Straight bar preacher curls

3 minutes break. Repeat two more times

3 sets barbell curls

Day 2:


Leg extensions with rack + 2-45 lb

Superset with sissy squats

Superset with leg press

3-4 super sets squats or front squats for 3-4 sets


Thigh Abductor

Superset with thigh adductor X 3 sets

Lying leg curl X 3 sets

Hack squat good mornings X 3 sets



Standing calf raises

Superset with leg press calf press x 4

Seated calf raises x 3 sets

9-10 partials after failure on every set

30 minute walk on treadmill, pressing off toes

Day 5:


Dead lifts x 4 sets

212 lbs dumbbell rows x 2-3 sets

Hammer strength row X 3 sets

Wide grip pull ups

10 second break

Medium grip pull ups

10 Second break

Medium grip pull ups

10 Second break

Narrow grip chin ups

3 minute break and repeat

"I have to thank my friends at Versa Gripps, for affording me super human gripping capabilities, for these types of workouts!"


Rear machine laterals x 3 sets

Cable lateral raises, triple drop set x 3 set

(Notice, I did not say the redundant "side laterals

Smith machine presses, behind the neck, 2 sets

Smith machine presses to front, 3 sets

I recently started shrugging, 3 sets, usually do the trick

Day 6 and 7:

Cry and moan about how sore I am.

Contact Sean:

Website: www.seanjonesfitness.com

Another Sean Jones Bodybuilding Video



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