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June 8, 2023

Jeremy Hoornstra - 242 RAW DVD Review
By Ben Tatar
Of Criticalbench.com

Jeremy Hoornstra - 242 RAW DVD Review

Jeremy Hoornstra is the strongest 242lbs bench presser in the world and nobody is even a close second. When it comes to the bench press and upperbody strength period, Jeremy is a man beyond our time and in a league of his own. And guess what? I have great news for all of you! Jeremy has created a video for all of you to see available through www.criticalbench.com! Get ready as you will get to watch Jeremy perform feats of strength on every single upper body lift that you never KNEW was possible!

Jeremy's video will light a fire in your ass. You thought performing a 315lbs bench press was impressive? Well, Jeremy does barbell skull crushers with 315lbs for easy reps. You thought bench pressing 405lbs once was amazing, well Jeremy attempts and does sets with 405 on the bench press for 20 reps with no boards, no bench shirt, just Jeremy and the weight. Jeremy also performs a 675lbs bench press and a 585lbs incline bench press! Watch Jeremy perform side lateral raises and dumbbell curls with dumbbells well over 100lbs. He also does dumbbell overhead presses with 100s for 50! I couldn't believe it. Wait and that isn't even half of the feats of strengths that he performs! You just have to see his video for yourself to really know what I mean!

Also, there is a big difference between reading about Jeremy doing these "inhuman" feats of strength in this review and actually seeing it on video! When you see it, it's not information, it becomes REAL and I guran-damn-tee you that you will be shocked and feel a bench press epiphany! To prove my point, other people who saw Jeremy's video have told me that although they knew Jeremy was the strongest 242lbs bencher to ever live, they never knew he was as strong as he was at everything until they saw the video!

Jeremy Hoornstra - 242 RAW DVD Review

When I saw the video, I felt like I was living a dream BEYOND my dream! I felt like I got to step outside of myself and into superman for an hour and into the life of Jeremy Hoornstra as he performed feats of strength that are out of this world! Jeremy's video gave me an ALL TIME HIGH! There is music in the background as Jeremy lifts these crazy numbers and you really get to be the monster that you never can be when you watch Jeremy's video.

From a motivational stand point this video makes you stronger and will set a fire up your ass to train harder. You see Jeremy using a ridiculous amount of weight on exercises like power cleans, shrugs and different types of rows. Jeremy's video will show you how light you have been training and that you must step it up a notch even if you are the strongest in your area. Jeremy's video is really a great motivator to start training heavier on all different movements. You also get to see how Jeremy trains, so it's not like you're just watching the best bencher in the world lift, but you also get Jeremy's training routine in the video!

I was really impressed with Jeremy's video. I'm going to watch Jeremy's video anytime I need inspiration or when I want to feel an amazing high. It's a must see. I highly recommend it for anyone. Jeremy's video is useful for anyone from a younger lifter to a competitive powerlifter who wants to be the best someday. Also anyone can do Jeremy's program since there aren't any bands or chains involved in his routine. It's just pure blood, heart, and unbelievable feats of strength!

242 RAW DVD - Jeremy Hoornstra's DVD Includes.....
The Following Feats Of Strength!


  • Flat Bench (raw) 675 x 1, 585 x 4, 495 x 10, 405 x 22

  • Incline Bench (raw) 605 x 1

  • Nosebreakers (benchpress bar) 315 x 4

  • Seated Front Raises 105's x 6

  • Standing Laterals 115's x 4

  • Military Press (behind head) 405 x 5, 455 x 3

  • Dumbbell Military Presses 100's x 50

  • Hangcleans with press 315 x 8

  • Bent-over rows 495 x 5, 545 x 5

The DVD will feature training leading up to the NERB, the Mr. Olympia - King of the Bench Competition, and the Arnold Pro Classic AnimalCage as well as competition footage from each. There is also an extreme cardio section (secret) guaranteed to motivate anyone.

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