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Done For Your eMails: Passive Income Rules!

This is my secret weapon which is exactly why this is the very first promotional tool I'm going to tell you about.

I literally doubled my income when I started emailing my list more often. Previously I used to think that I had to give my list a break. Like a lot of newbies I used to think that if I emailed my list too often or made too many offers that they would unsubscribe or get burnt out.

After listening to a Tellman Knudson course I realized that you have to train your list from the get go what they should expect from you.

Email them often and make constant offers. When you start out this way, they are used to it and don't get upset. On the other hand if you spent month's just giving away free stuff, never asking for a purchase and only email your list once every other week it's not surprise they get upset if you get aggressive with them. They just aren't used to it from you.

Here's a metaphor you might like. When you get in a new relationship you have to set some boundaries at the beginning right? It's hard to change the rules after you get really serious. The relationship has already been established. It's much easier to set the tone right from the start.

2nd Biggest Affiliate Mistake

Below you'll find an email sequence promoting the Critical Bench Program 2.0 that you can mail out to your list. The cash will be great the week you're promoting but what happens the week after that?

I don't know about you but I'm a huge fan of Passive Income. Do the work once and benefit over and over. Set and forget.

Follow Up sequences or autoresponder sequences are the best for this!

Here's how I load up my autoresponder and I suggest you do it the same way because it works big time.

Let us assume you have 5-emails to use. These four emails will be sent 4-days in a row. After the last email take a four day break and then start the next 4-day promo for the next Critical Bench Product you want to promote.

Message Interval Email Subject
1 1 4 ways a mentor can drastically improve your workout
2 1 The Strange Secret…of Bodybuilding
3 1 Supplement Scams – Just how safe are you?
4 1 How to beat the BIG STALL
5 1 Experts or FAKERS..your choice
6 1 [FINAL NOTICE] Last day to learn from the Experts
7 4 Next promo starts here

Cut And Paste eMail Templates

Here's how I load up my autoresponder and I suggest you do it the same way because it works big time.

Day 1 email:

Subject: Four ways a mentor can drastically improve your workout


I have to talk to you about Star Wars for a second...but just for a second.


Because though Luke Skywalker went on to defeat the evil Empire and liberate the galaxy from tyranny, he only pulled it off for one reason – he had mentors.

Seriously, would Luke have been as effective without the guidance of Obi Wan and Yoda?

No matter how successful you are as a bodybuilder, there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with getting a bit of help now and again.

Mentors are usually the reason some people accomplish so much, so fast...and faster than other people

The crucial difference between FAILURE and SUCCESS...

...is what mentors can represent.

Here are four rock-solid reasons you should accept the guidance of a mentor:

1. The structure offered by a mentor provides accountability

Since mentors expect to see you take action based on their guidance, your sense of responsibility kicks in and you feel more compelled to do everything you need to.

2. Mentors may ask you questions that you may never ask yourself

You know the expression “I’m doing this out of love.” Well, mentors have the role of stepping in and being perfectly straight with you about when they see you screw up – we all could use a little more of that...even if it’s not always easy

3. You’ll both discover the “real” problem and get help to solve it

This one ties into point two...Sometimes you might not see the exact nature of a problem simply because you’re not in a position to see it...Mentors can help you by offering a detached perspective and likely have encountered some of the problems you have.

4. Escape from “short-term thinking”

Let’s face it – as a human being, it’s simply part of your nature to be a little impatient and less inclined to wait things out. But you can’t ignore your long-term goals. Your mentor may help you balance the time you spend between short-term and long-term goals.

So where do you find a mentor?

Sure, there may be someone at your gym who can hook you up with some solid advice...

...But how often will this person be around to help you out?

Will he have all the information you need?

Well, over the past few years, Mike Westerdal and the Critical Bench crew have been interviewing some of the greatest players in the bodybuilding game...

...and the information generated from these interviews easily amounts to what could be considered as nothing less than a “Bodybuilding University

Mike and the other Critical Bench members pick the brains of these experts...and get their best tips, techniques and nuggets of wisdom...

...the same knowledge that helped them reach the summit of their fitness goals.

Now Mike’s giving you, the serious bodybuilder, the opportunity to learn not just from one expert, but SEVERAL masters of the industry.

Over the next few days, a new interview will arrive in your inbox both in audio and PDF form.

Get ready, you’re about to get an incredible amount of information...make the best of it!

Go over and visit the series for yourself.

Muscle Building Experts

Sign off,

Your Name


Day 2 email:

Subject: The Strangest Secret...of Bodybuilding

Hello [NAME],

Ever hear of a man by the name of Earl Nightingale?

He’s a business legend who enjoyed a great deal of success by recording audio messages designed to help people improve their lives.

Nightingale also produced one of the most famous instructional recordings when he released “The Strangest Secret” where he reveals the secret of why so many people don’t go forward...

And what is this big secret?

...SIMPLE: everyone is doing what the other person is doing...and that’s why they turn in circles and go nowhere...

Well guess what – the same applies to your bodybuilding efforts

Mike Westerdal of Critical Bench found that one out the hard way. By simply adopting another bodybuilder’s program and following it to a tee, Mike found himself going nowhere fast.

After a couple of years of...

>>>> Blowing tons of cash on overpriced supplements than didn’t deliver half the benefits they promised...

>>>> And following the instructions of bodybuilders who were actually getting their results from steroids and not their programs, Mike set out to find a better way.

 “If you want to be a better writer you need to read a lot to get fresh input, broaden your horizons and deepen your knowledge. And to evolve you need to mix yourself up with new influences and see what happens.”

-- Stephen King

Armed with the belief he could BE more, have more, and do more... Mike discovered that picking the brains of several experts...and tailoring the information to his program, he shot ahead in his progress.

If it worked for Mike, it can work for you too

Sign off,

Your Name


Day 3 email:

Subject: Supplement Scams – Just how safe are you?

Hello [NAME],

Chances are that as a bodybuilder, you watched the movie Bigger Stronger Faster

We all have our own means of getting big – but if there’s something to be learned from that documentary it’s this...

...your quest for the perfect build could cost you your health...or much, much worse.

How well do you know the supplements you take?

Are you seriously damaging your vital organs without even realizing it?

There’s an eerily strong possibility you might be...

...and this is why you should pay close attention to what Rick Gray has to say about the supplement industry in the first interview from the Critical Bench series

If you haven’t heard of Rick before, it’s no big deal...he’s a big player, but he tends to keep a low profile.

Rick’s been around for a long time and he’s seen a lot of “shady business” going on in the industry.

As a former hard gainer, Rick knows a thing or two about what it takes to push ahead and get what you need to achieve the look you want

This interview is of particular interest because Rick really lets the cat out of the bag when it comes to supplement scams and the dangers involved.

What exactly is the FDA’s role in the supplement industry?

Rick covers all of this at length and gets you thinking differently about your attitude towards what you put in your body.

PDF Transcript:

Insert Link from Rebranded Report Below:


Sign off,

Your Name

PS – If you want to listen all the other great interviews Critical Bench has done over the years, you can get full access here and these will include both the pdf transcripts and the mp3 files.  This way you can listen without having to take notes.


Day 4 email:

Subject: How to beat the BIG STALL

Hello [NAME],

It’s human nature for you to believe advice you read if you’re convinced it comes from a “reliable” source...like say, those muscle mags that instruct you on how to build muscles...

...using the techniques bodybuilders using tons of steroids do.

Have you stopped believing you can get the body you deserve for all the hard work you’ve put in at the gym?

Well, if that’s the case...just stop believing in one thing – HYPE.

You have to Learn from the RIGHT people <<<< Read how the real experts succeeded

You know the kind hype I’m talking about...you see it on all those magazine covers ...but you never do get the results you expected...No matter what the big, bright red headlines shouted at you.

The secret is this...it might take a little hunting around, but it’s worth it to find people who’ve gone far in the bodybuilding game without steroids or gimmicks.

Then again, you don’t have to hunt very much...

Get full access to dozens of experts <<<< Click here to start listening right away

Wanna know another secret? Small warning: It’ll make your blood boil...

Some supplement companies DELIBERATLY give you bad advice so you don’t grow...leading you to believe that you simply have to “be patient” and “put more time in”...

...and keep taking their stuff

Guess that’s what happens when you make billions a year, huh?

Weekly Muscle Building Expert <<<< Learn how to beat them at their own game

Sign off,

Your Name


Day 5 email:

Subject: Experts or FAKERS...your choice

Hello [NAME],

Remember how a couple of emails ago, I quoted the great Stephen King?

Well, he only got as great as he did because he studied TONS of other writers to pick up new tricks and see does and doesn’t work.

That same law of variety applies to bodybuilding...

To discover EXACTLY how to build muscle, strength, and get in Olympic-calibre shape... you need to study those who’ve already gotten there!

Of course, that can be a little easier said than done...

...Unless you go straight to the source <<<< Visit the bodybuilding “Nerve Center”

See, the beauty of bodybuilding is that we’re all unique.

Something that exploded your progress, might not deliver a quarter of the same results for the next guy.

That’s why by checking out a wide range of styles, you can mix and match different components and come up with your very own program.

Weekly Muscle Building Expert <<<< Start creating your own unique program here

Critical Bench has assembled what is nothing short of an all-star line-up of fitness and muscle building experts who were more than happy to offer their advice to help you reach your goals.

After all... wouldn't it be great to know what these experts are DOING to get results in less time?
And wouldn't it be great to hear these successful experts describe exactly how they're training, what they're eating, and what they're doing in detail?

Accelerate your learning curve <<<< Click here for the ultimate shortcut

These guys have actual businesses and companies to run. They're busy changing peoples' lives and transforming their clients.

Sign off,

Your Name

PS - Most of these guys charge anywhere from $50 to $200 per hour of training time...meaning you are getting their consultation at a bargain


Email 6: [Final Notice] Last day to Learn from the Experts


Hello [NAME],

Have you checked out the Critical Bench experts series I’ve been talking about through the last few emails?

If not...you’re missing something BIG

The tips, techniques and advice given out by the experts in this series is easily a four-figure education in getting what one famous fitness guru would call getting “Super-Sonic Fit”

Know what I find amazing?

...Despite his busy schedule, Mike Westerdal makes a point of meeting with at least one top player in the strength and fitness industry EACH WEEK...

...and picks his guest’s brain for top-notch tactics on turning your body into a temple.

Learn from a new expert every seven days <<< Check out the series here

Think about how greatly you’d improve your training game by having an expert from a different discipline sharing his prized secrets with you...

...in both an audio MP3 and searchable PDF transcripts you can study more closely to get everything you can out of it.

By joining The Critical Bench audio interview mentorship, JUST SOME of the other valuable information you’ll gain will come from include:

--Marty Gallagher...author of the Purposeful Primitive...Marty explains the power of the type III super muscle. He’s one of the first guys to mention the concept Critical Bench.

--Mike Dayton...a former bodybuilding champion turned professional strongman. Enjoy this rare interview with one of the legends in both the bodybuilding and strongman arenas.

 --John Romaniello...author of the Super Hero Workout, and a man who can dead lift 600 pounds like it’s nothing, talks about his Final Phase Fat Burning Program.

--Kelly Starrett talks about his training center, which has become the prime coaching resource for reigning Olympians, national and world champions, tri-athletes, runners and recreational athletes alike.

--Zach Krych...this Olympic Weight Lifter shows you how cool it is to live and train at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado.

Weekly Muscle Building Expert <<<< Get full access right here

I Hope you’ve learned a few tips over the past few days...especially from the interview with Rick Gray that was sent out earlier on...

...if you’ve got a burning desire to keep on picking up more tips and tactics to sharpen your game...you can get started here

Sign off,

Your Name




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