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Done For Your eMails: Passive Income Rules!

This is my secret weapon which is exactly why this is the very first promotional tool I'm going to tell you about.

I literally doubled my income when I started emailing my list more often. Previously I used to think that I had to give my list a break. Like a lot of newbies I used to think that if I emailed my list too often or made too many offers that they would unsubscribe or get burnt out.

After listening to a Tellman Knudson course I realized that you have to train your list from the get go what they should expect from you.

Email them often and make constant offers. When you start out this way, they are used to it and don't get upset. On the other hand if you spent month's just giving away free stuff, never asking for a purchase and only email your list once every other week it's not surprise they get upset if you get aggressive with them. They just aren't used to it from you.

Here's a metaphor you might like. When you get in a new relationship you have to set some boundaries at the beginning right? It's hard to change the rules after you get really serious. The relationship has already been established. It's much easier to set the tone right from the start.

2nd Biggest Affiliate Mistake

Below you'll find an email sequence promoting the Critical Bench Program 2.0 that you can mail out to your list. The cash will be great the week you're promoting but what happens the week after that?

I don't know about you but I'm a huge fan of Passive Income. Do the work once and benefit over and over. Set and forget.

Follow Up sequences or autoresponder sequences are the best for this!

Here's how I load up my autoresponder and I suggest you do it the same way because it works big time.

Let us assume you have 5-emails to use. These four emails will be sent 4-days in a row. After the last email take a four day break and then start the next 4-day promo for the next Critical Bench Product you want to promote.

Message Interval Email Subject
1 1 Bench for Reps (video)
2 1 I just want to get JACKED!
3 1 How does your bench compare? (by age)
4 1 Bodyweight Bonus Just Added
5 1 Breakdown of the Training Split
6 5 Next promo starts here

Cut And Paste eMail Templates

Here's how I load up my autoresponder and I suggest you do it the same way because it works big time.

Day 1 email:

Sub: Bench for Reps (video)

Link: http://YOURCLICKBANKID.criticalb.hop.clickbank.net?w=97

The brand new Bench for Reps page is up with the
motivational video for you to see!

Bench for Reps  << New Challenge Open

Who Else Wants to Set a New Personal Record the year
by Bench Pressing Their Bodyweight For As Many As
5 to 15 Even 30-Reps In Just 8-Short Weeks

The NFL Combine Uses The "225 LB -Rep Test" To
Determine The Strength Endurance of Their Players.  

Now It's Your Turn To Push Like a Pro & See How
You Stack Up With the Bench for Reps Challenge

I'm so excited about this! Wait until you see what this
all about.  I can't wait.

Sign Off,

Day 2 email:

Sub: I just want to get JACKED!

Link: http://YOURCLICKBANKID.criticalb.hop.clickbank.net?w=97


Some of you out there might be asking yourself, "Why do I really
care about how many times I can bench my weight?
I just want
to get JACKED!"

Well interesting thing about that question is this, when the guys
over at Critical Bench developed this program and ran the results, they
didn't just find a dramatic increase in reps, they also found a HUGE gain
in musculature

The test subjects were putting on weight like crazy in their chest,
shoulders, arms, and even back!

It makes sense if you think about it though....

They found that one of the awesome side effects of focusing
on building muscular endurance on top of strength is building a ton of
lean dense muscle...

The heavier days will help you secrete more Testosterone, and the lighter
repetition/endurance based days will help you stimulate a huge amount of
muscle fibers.

When those two happen in unison, your body will be turned into an
Anabolic factory designed to doing nothing but building layer after
layer of dense and ripped muscle...

Become an Anabolic Factory  <<<< Save $20 Today

And that's exactly why Bench for Reps will help you set a new record.

 Sign Off 

 >>>>>Bench for Reps Program <<<<<<

Day 3 email:

Sub: How does your bench compare? (by age)

Link: http://YOURCLICKBANKID.criticalb.hop.clickbank.net?w=97


You might have already seen the NFL Combine Standards
on this page and thought to yourself that's great but how
I do compare to every other male out there. 

Chandler and Mike the authors of the Bench for Reps program
created this new chart for you to compare yourself to other
people your age.

Pretty cool huh?  Where did you place? 

Keep in mind the Bench for Reps program is not just about
bench pressing.

You train 4-days per week.  You work your lower body.
You work on your max strength (because that helps your
reps too), you work on your muscular endurance which
helps grow muscle (hypertrophy) and you have a metabolic

Overall it's a very well rounded program, it just has a built
in Challenge so you have something to train for besides just
looking better. 

Are You Ready for the Challenge?

That's it for now.

Sign Off.

Day 4 email:

Sub: Bodyweight Badass Bonus

Link: http://YOURCLICKBANKID.criticalb.hop.clickbank.net?w=97


A new bonus has just been added.

It's called Bodyweight Bad-Ass and you can have it for free when
you invest in Bench for Reps.

Get Bodyweight Bad Ass for FREE When You Invest in Bench for Reps  << Click Here

Meatheads and gym rats never believe me when I tell them, but the
fastest and most efficient way to increase your size, strength, muscularity
and conditioning at the same time is with bodyweight training.

It's versatility and speed with which you can accomplish all of these
goals is truly remarkable. With over 50 different exercises in the vault
and 15 of the best routines, you're guaranteed to get JACKED &
RIPPED in 8 weeks or less!


Bodyweight Training Manual
Implementation Action Plan
50+ Bodyweight Exercise Vault
MAN CAVE Dynamic Warm Up
Total Body Training Routines
Upper Body Training Routines &
Lower Body Training Routines

Get Bodyweight Bad-Ass for FREE with Bench for Reps  << Go Now

Sign off,

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Day 5 email:

Subject: Breakdown of the Training Split
Link: http://YOURCLICKBANKID.criticalb.hop.clickbank.net?w=97

The Bench for Reps program that we've been talking about all
week is MUCH much more than just a bench workout. 

Sure it has a specific goal of increasing the number of times you
can bench press your bodyweight in 8-weeks but the training
schedule provides the following benefits as well. 

Hold up, before telling you about the other benefits remember
this program only has you training 4-days per week for less
an hour per training session. 

You don't need anything else.  Warm up is included, bodybuilding
is included, lower body is included, max effort benching is included
and there's a metabolic conditioning day so you stay lean.  

OK that's a summary, here's a breakdown of training split.

Day 1:  Bench Press Reps Day

Benefit:  Increased Musculature:

Again, when you focus on improving on this test you have one
ultimate goal that is fueled by improving both maximal strength
and muscular endurance.

The bodies response to you focusing on these two aspects of
fitness makes for an extremely anabolic atmosphere in your body.
Increased Testosterone from heavy lifting in conjunction with deep
muscle fiber stimulation from muscular endurance focused work
will yield VERY fast lean muscle growth.

Day 2:  Lower Body Day

Benefit:  Not Having Chicken Legs & Hormones

You gotta train your legs just to stay balanced.  When I was in
high school I remember a guy asking me what those two strings
were doing hanging off my shirt. When I looked down he laughed
and said, "Oh those are your legs." That problem is fixed now, but
don't be that guy. 

Plus with big exercises like the squat and deadlift you'll release more
muscle building hormones like GH and Test which is the key to growth.

Day 3:  Max Effort Bench Day

Benefit: Increased 1 Rep Max

It's not just the form that will increase your 1 Rep Max, but
when you focus on trying to improve your Rep Test performance,
you will have to focus on increasing your Maximal Strength as well
as your endurance.

When using a program like this, the periodization will address your
max without you even prioritizing it as a goal. Nice little perk!

Day 4:  Metabolic Conditioning

Benefit:  Decreased Body Fat Levels:

When we are working on muscular endurance and maximal strength
like I discussed above, you won't only help promote the secretion of
muscle building hormones, but fat burning hormones as well. So you'll
develop not just tremendous strength, size and stamina, but you will
build a body that will look as good as it performs!

Bench for Reps << Last Email About This


In Summary Here's What You Get With Bench for Reps

-You will train four times per week.

-Each session should take less than 1-hour of your valuable time.

-You'll work all your muscles and train your entire body.  There's
even a metabolic conditioning session each week to keep you
lean and conditioned.

-The entire program is only 8-Weeks long.

-The program works for the 225-Rep Test and for the Bodyweight
Bench for Reps Challenge.

-Your purchase includes a PDF Manual Workout Guide + Printable
Workout Sheets.

-You'll also get access to 8 Tutorial Videos that guide you step-by-
step through the entire program

Last time I mention this…click here to take action.

Thanks for reading!

Sign Off

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