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Autoresponder Sequence: The Critical Weight Gain Program

Done For Your eMails: Passive Income Rules!

This is my secret weapon which is exactly why this is the very first promotional tool I'm going to tell you about.

I literally doubled my income when I started emailing my list more often. Previously I used to think that I had to give my list a break. Like a lot of newbies I used to think that if I emailed my list too often or made too many offers that they would unsubscribe or get burnt out.

After listening to a Tellman Knudson course I realized that you have to train your list from the get go what they should expect from you.

Email them often and make constant offers. When you start out this way, they are used to it and don't get upset. On the other hand if you spent month's just giving away free stuff, never asking for a purchase and only email your list once every other week it's not surprise they get upset if you get aggressive with them. They just aren't used to it from you.

Here's a metaphor you might like. When you get in a new relationship you have to set some boundaries at the beginning right? It's hard to change the rules after you get really serious. The relationship has already been established. It's much easier to set the tone right from the start.

2nd Biggest Affiliate Mistake

Below you'll find an email sequence promoting the Critical Bench Program 2.0 that you can mail out to your list. The cash will be great the week you're promoting but what happens the week after that?

I don't know about you but I'm a huge fan of Passive Income. Do the work once and benefit over and over. Set and forget.

Follow Up sequences or autoresponder sequences are the best for this!

Here's how I load up my autoresponder and I suggest you do it the same way because it works big time.

Let us assume you have 5-emails to use. These four emails will be sent 4-days in a row. After the last email take a four day break and then start the next 4-day promo for the next Critical Bench Product you want to promote.

Message Interval Email Subject
1 1 How to Permanently overcome your SKINNY-GENES 
2 1 Are your muscles your enemy?
3 1 Two vital muscle building roadblocks
4 1 If you feel you’re the only one who can’t build muscle...
5 1 How over-training affects your nervous system
6 1 [Final Chance] gain more muscle in 12 weeks
7 4 New Promo Starts Here

Cut And Paste eMail Templates

Here's how I load up my autoresponder and I suggest you do it the same way because it works big time.

Day 1 email:

subject: How to Permanently overcome your SKINNY-GENES 

Hello [NAME],

If you’re a discouraged hard gainer, today you’re in for an inspirational story.

If you’re working away hard at the gym and have little to show for it, you not only need to change up your workout plan...

...You need to understand HOW your genes work.

Being one of the smallest guys in the gym is never easy...especially when you’re surrounded by guys you can overhear talking about their bench press...

...200 pounds

...300 pounds

...even 400 pounds

It’s not exactly reassuring that most of those guys could press you over their heads without very little effort.

Mike Westerdal of Critical Bench was once in your situation...a skinny asthmatic kid who had a big goal in mind – to stack some solid, head-turning mass on his frame NATURALLY.

What about you?

Let’s say you’ve stalled...that you’re not longer adding mass to your frame.

Have you let it get the best of you...and more or less “secretly” given up on your goal of adding 30 pounds or more to your frame?

Well, you might want to look at the science of “gene flipping”...and see how you can get your body to do what you want it to.

Once those genes have been flipped, you’re looking at...

...A gain of 25 to 35 pounds in only 12 weeks.

The reason Gene Flipping works so well is that properly blends all the right elements of nutrition, weight training, and supplement...

...in some cases, a lack of success in gaining weight comes from not paying enough attention to one of those three components.

Here are some tips for you to keep in mind to help the process along:

  • Find your ideal resting calorie-burning power
  • Don’t be afraid to add in calories for muscle growth
  • Focus more on exercises that promote testosterone and growth hormone release in your body
  • Take more time to study up on the supplements you’re taking

If you still want to stack an extra 30 pounds on your frame – it can happen...

...It’s just a question of following instructions to a tee and not deviating from course.

Sign off,
Your Name

Day 2 email:

Subject: Are your muscles your enemy?

Hello [NAME],

Wanna know one of the reasons why Mike Westerdal is so passionate about the work he does through Critical Bench?

Simple – he was born with genes that aren’t exactly enviable...he had a lot of difficulty stacking on muscle because of the “type” of muscle he was born with.

After a bit of research however, Mike uncovered a very important secret...

...Did you know that genes also determine how efficiently your muscles process your workouts?

This is the reason some people develop into hard gainers or the type of bodybuilder who appears to gain muscle simply by looking at a set of weights.

There are three main types of muscle fiber in our bodies:
--Type I
--Type IIa
--Type IIb

If you’re wondering why you’re getting HALF the results your friends are, while consuming the same amount of supplements and putting in the same amount of work...

...You need to know that Each of these fiber types react to the "stress" of weight training or exercise differently.

This DOES NOT mean you can’t work around these facts.

If you’re aiming for more mass you’ll discover that with the right methods in place, you can actually “program” your muscle fibers to do what you need them to do.

Sign off,
Your Name

PS – If you want to accelerate the learning process of how your hard gainer biology works, you’ll get all the info you need here.

Day 3 email:

Subject: Two vital muscle building roadblocks

Hello [NAME],

Quick question for you...

...when you started to realize you hit a brick wall when it came to building more muscle, how did you take it?

Were you able to accept it and patiently seek out a solution...

...or did you panic and try anything and everything that came to mind to get the growth going again?

The reason for your stall might actually be found in your diet, not your routine.

How closely are you paying attention to what you’re eating?

How To Gain Weight Fast <<< Read this before going back to the gym

One of the BIGGEST mistakes many hard gainers make when they panic over a stall is over-train...

...Which actually burns away their muscle tissue, and in this process they LOSE strength while trying to fix the problem...

...If you’re presently doing this, you’re doing the EXACT opposite of what you should be doing to correct the issue.

In fact, there’s a very unusual discovery that was made by Mike Westerdal and Bryan Kernan, which will surprise you because it’s the exact OPPOSITE of what everyone else told you...

Pack Muscle on Your Skinny Body Without Getting Fat <<< Find out more here

So before over-training the next time you hit a plateau, you might want to take a step back and get a better understanding of your diet and how it functions with your body.

What you’re eating should consist of lean proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Sign off,
Your Name


Day 4 email:

Subject: If you feel you’re the only one who can’t build muscle...

Hello [Name],

Have the last few emails helped you understand how your muscles work and how you can “program” them to work for you?

When Mike Westerdal and Bryan Kernan published the Critical Weight Gain Program, a lot of lifters who struggled to make progress in the past...

...suddenly made HUGE gains and stacked on more muscle in a matter of weeks than in any one given year the they’ve been hitting the gym.

Critical Weight Gain Program <<< Check out how they did it

I know that watching everyone else in the gym putting on muscle and progressively stacking more plates to their lifts...

...While you’re stuck in a rut can feel like you’re the ONLY ONE going through your problem.
Turns out you weren’t alone in your struggles after all:

Critical Weight Gain Program <<< Click to read

Two more tips for you...

Just remember, when it comes to learning something new, you have to keep an open mind...some of the ideas you’ll pick up from this program can be a little unorthodox.

It’s always best to seek out someone who’s been in your shoes when you’re looking to make a change...Bryan Kernan and Mike Westerdal have both been where you’re at right now...

Critical Weight Gain Program

Sign off,
Your Name


Day 5 email:

Subject: How over-training affects your nervous system

Hello [NAME],

I know the last few emails have been encouraging you to do everything you can to boost your brawn.
But before going any further, it’s time to step back and look at how to avoid the downside of putting in a lot of effort...

...and making sure you’re building your body without DAMAGING your nervous system

A Completely Different Approach to Weight Gain <<<< Read it here

See, as bad as you want to put on the extra pounds and look your best, you could also be putting yourself at risk of serious and permanent injury, too.

How do you know if you’re overdoing it? You have to look for the signs.

Over-training negatively affects your nervous systems in the following ways:
--Higher resting heart rate
--Weak appetite
--High blood pressure
--Weight loss
--Trouble sleeping
--Increased metabolic rate
--Early onset of fatigue

Experience any of those symptoms lately?

Maximize Muscle Growth without over training  <<<< Read more here

Over-training is not only putting your health at risk...which is bad enough in itself...

...But you can also find yourself going in the complete opposite direction of your goal...

...Meaning that you’ll be burning off both muscle mass...and looking SMALLER in very little time.

This is why it happens <<<< Find out how to avoid that here

In order to avoid over-training, you need to take a multi-faceted approach.

Determining the correct training volume and intensity, eating the right foods, and getting the right amount of rest and recovery MUST be calculated as part of your plan.

Don’t let your pride get in the way...always remember that rest and recovery is essential when it comes to avoiding over-training

Fast bodybuilding without negative effects  <<<< Start training faster & more safely

Sign off,

Your Name

Day 6 email:
Subject: [Final Chance] gain more muscle in 12 weeks

Hi [NAME],

Gaining muscle weight has been the subject of the last few emails I’ve sent you and today comes a special challenge...

...It’s the same challenge many of us have encountered during our own bodybuilding careers...it was the period in our lives where our muscle building efforts completely STALLED.

How to Gain Weight Fast <<<< Learn how to beat the deadlock here

YOUR 12-week challenge:

So where are you at? What’s your plateau?

...15 pounds?

...20 pounds?

...25 pounds?

The Critical Weight Gain Program is designed to help you “flip” your hard gainer genes and finally turn you into a “fast gainer” which means that you can go from skinny...

...to stacking on as much as 35 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks.

Flip your genes and start stacking now <<< Take the challenge here

Question now is...Are you ready to rocket forward...

...or are you just going to settle and accept the body you’re frustrated and unhappy with?

If there’s one tip that you should keep in your mind, it’s this – everyone encounters road bumps in whatever we do in life...




...and that’s all the more reason never to hope a problem will go away by itself.

Get your muscle growing today <<< Click here to get started

Beyond physical...

Not only will you start making the same progress you did when you first started...

...you’ll also benefit from it emotionally, too.
When you see rapid muscle growth, you can’t help but feel happy and encouraged to keep working for more.

How to Gain Weight Fast <<<< Start changing the way you see yourself

Plus, just to make sure you get ALL you can from your workout, Mike and Bryan are also including the following bonuses:

--A "Fool's Idea" Weight Gain Trick
--Insane Muscle Gain ebook
--The Perfect Rep ebook
--Marc David’s 19 Tips To Gain 5 Lbs Report
--Jason Ferruggia’s Mass Building Sins Report


... this, "How to Gain Weight Fast" method is currently being offered at a very special price that WILL soon double, so don’t wait too long...

...Otherwise you’ll be paying twice as much for the program and that's not cool.
Try The System RISK-FREE <<< You have 60 days to decide if it’s for you

Sign off,
Your Name



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