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Here's how I load up my autoresponder and I suggest you do it the same way because it works big time.

Let us assume you have 5-emails to use. These four emails will be sent 4-days in a row. After the last email take a four day break and then start the next 4-day promo for the next Critical Bench Product you want to promote.

Message Interval Email Subject
1 1 How To Get Ripped Abs (FREE PDF)
2 1 4 Pointers for Strength & Lean Muscle
3 1 A Huge Thickly Muscled Man
4 1 Tonnage system for your bench (preview)
5 1 FW:  Strict Curls with 250 lbs!
6 1 Top 10 Old School Muscle Tips
7 5 Next Promo Starts Here

Cut And Paste eMail Templates

Here's how I load up my autoresponder and I suggest you do it the same way because it works big time.

Day 1 email:

Link to squeeze page directly and get your visitors cookied with this link:

Or go the brandable reports page and put the pdf on your own server.
Subject: How To Get Ripped Abs - FREE


I've got a cool Abdominal Specialization Program to share with you today
frommy friends over at CriticalBench.com.

It's free of charge. Just my way of saying thanks for listening
to my sales pitches from time to time. 

How To Get Ripped Abs Free PDF  << click here

Anyone who has followed the competitive bodybuilding career of the late
Chuck Sipes, during the golden era will note that Chuck had possessed a
sensational abdominal development.

It is apparent that Chuck must have done some very SPECIAL work on this
waist region because on the night of the 1968 IFBB Mr. World contest,
Chuck not only won the overall title, but best abs award. This feat is
almost unheard of for a 220 pound bodybuilder, regardless if he is a Super Star.

How To Get Ripped Abs Free PDF  << click here

With this thought in mind, this exclusive interview with Chuck, details how
he prefers to SPECIALIZE on the waist region. Read this interview very
 CAREFULLY and I am sure that you will gain much wisdom from this man,
Chuck Sipes.

Sign off,

Your Name

Day 2 email:

Sub: 4 Pointers for Strength & Lean Muscle
Link:  http://yourcbid.criticalb.hop.clickbank.net/?w=76

4 Powerful Pointers For Developing Strength & Size

Allow me to tell you about an IFBB champion by the name of
Chuck Sipes who was considered bodybuilding's "Iron Knight"
and appropriately nicknamed, "The Power Storm!"  

As the original PowerBuilder Chuck discovered the secret to
combining the brute strength of powerlifting with the lean muscular
physique of bodybuilding, going on to become one of the iron
game's most legendary figures

But before that, he was an underweight high school kid told he
couldn't make the football team because he was just too darn
skinny (just like I used to be!).

Due to popular demand I just posted an original article highlighting
Four of Chuck's best pointers when it comes to developing
strength & size at the same time. 

4 Health & Strength Pointers From Chuck Sipes ===<< NEW

See you on the next page!

 Your Name 

P.S. A powerbuilder is a hybrid powerlifter/bodybuilder that is
strong AND looks good.  Chuck exemplified this.


Day 3 email:

Sub: A Huge Thickly Muscled Man
Link:  http://YOURCLICKBANKID.criticalb.hop.clickbank.net?w=76


During the golden era of bodybuilding who could forget such
legendary names such as Dave Draper, Don Richard Howorth,
Sergio Oliva, Harold Poole, Larry Scott, Arnold Schwarzenegger,

....and last but not least in the IFBB parade of champions was
a man who you may not have heard of by the name of Chuck Sipes.

The late Chuck was a huge, thickly muscled man, not too tall but
amazingly compact and massive.


He had ruggedness written over his physiognomy and a broad grin
for everyone.   He had a cheerful attitude everywhere he went,
however when he began a workout, his concentration was so laser
focused that it was obvious to those around him that he did not
want to be interrupted. This frame of mind netted him contest-winning
results at the IFBB pro level.

Chuck wasn't just a muscle model he had strength & size!

At around 5'10 he weighed 220 lbs and could bench 570 lbs! (no gear)
That is insane!  His arms were 19.5 inches and he had a 50 inch chest.

Did I mention he could do full squats with 600lbs and do curls with 250 lbs?

Impressed yet?

If so get ready to step back into the 60s and look into the mind of one
of pro bodybuilding's best.

Here are 3 things I learned from studying Chuck Sipes in regards to
building strength & size in no particular order.

1.  Put maximum effort into each set, never holding back for another set
or exercise.

2.  Workouts should be enjoyable, a relief from daily tension. A way of
life, not prison.

3.  Do rugged workouts and for inducing strength keep the reps down to
8 or less which will allow the use of massive poundages resulting in the
maximal development of tendon and ligament strength.  Chuck said that
tendon and ligament strength is more important than just plain body weight
for strength and power.

To get More Strength & Size Tips From the Late Great Chuck Sipes Click Here.

Sign off,

Your Name


Day 4 email:

Sub: Tonnage system for your bench (preview)
Link:  http://YOURCLICKBANKID.criticalb.hop.clickbank.net?w=76


As I was skimming through my Chuck Sipes Power Storm material
I came across a cool letter from Chuck to the author Dennis where
he explains something called a Tonnage System.  

If you want to bench more, curl more, grow muscle and get stronger
check it out below.  It's an easy concept and it works. 

This is just a glimpse of one of the 4-week training programs that
Chuck designed in his Power Storm collection.  There are over
35 different routines to try and each one lasts only 4-weeks.

===>>  If You Want Drug Free Strength & Size Click Here 


Dear Dennis:

Nice to hear from you again and to hear that you are still training
hard.  I will be happy to work with you so long as you wish. On
this next program I want you to work on the tonnage system on
the bench press and the bar curls.

The way you do this is say you pressed 200 lbs. on the bench
press 6 reps.  Six times two hundred is 1200 lbs. for that lift. 

You add each total tonnage for each set for your total tonnage
for the exercises.  The idea is to add tonnage each workout.

Sample of the bench press.

Next work out try to add total tonnage by adding weight, reps,
or sets.  Every workout you must add weight or reps to bring
up your tonnage. 

I want you to keep close track and make sure you send
me the results around the 25th of Sept for your new program. 

I want you to start drinking 2 quarts of milk every day. Work
hard and let me hear from you around the 25th of Sept, for your
new program


Chuck Sipes


If you didn't know who the legendary PowerBuilder Chuck
Sipes was, now you do!  Even today, years after his passing,
Chuck is still counted among bodybuilding's greatest legends. 

Most bodybuilders today can't even come close to achieving
the strength and jaw-dropping physique that Chuck did,
using nothing more than what you'll find at the link below.

Chuck Sipes Power Storm Package  ===<< Golden Era Gold

Sign off,

Your Name

Day 5 email:

Sub: FW: Strict Curls with 250 lbs!
Link: http://YOURCLICKBANKID.criticalb.hop.clickbank.net?w=76


I wanted to share this incredible tip with you today from former
Mr. America, Mr. Universe & Mr. World Chuck Sipes!
Interested in Super-Sizing your biceps?

Here's how, using Chuck's 4-21-16-4 Concept.

Does it work? Check out
Chuck's Guns picture above!

Start with a set of barbell curl 21"s.

Exercise 1:  Barbell Curl Twenty-Ones
Perform 7 partial reps from the start point to midway point. 
Without resting now perform 7 partial reps from the midway
point to the top of the movement followed by 7 full range
barbell curls.  7+7+7=21, which is why this one set includes
21 reps.

Now alternate to the second exercise.

Exercise 2:  Barbell Cheat Curls
Since these are cheat curls you can use a heavier weight
and it's okay to use some momentum.  A slight swing and a
bend in the knees is acceptable but don't overdo it.  
Perform 4 sets of 4 reps of barbell cheat curls.

Repeat this FOUR times!

In total you will have completed 4 sets of Barbell Curl 21"s
and 16 sets of 4-rep Cheat Curls.  I know it sounds like
a lot doesn't it?  This is only to be used once per month. 

To show you how well this works - at 5'10 inches tall Sipes
had 19.5 inch arms and could perform STRICT barbell
curls with an incredible 250 pounds!



The above bicep circuit is just one sample of what you'll find
in the newly releases Chuck Sipes Power Storm package. 

There are over 35 Different 4-Week Programs to follow in
the first book alone. 

Chuck Sipes the Power Storm ---<<<New Release

When Chuck started competing, bodybuilding fans knew they
were seeing something special. Chuck didn't let his fans down
either, winning competition after competition.

As if that wasn't enough, Chuck didn't just have one of the
most remarkable physiques of his time--he was also incredibly
strong. He could bench nearly 600 pounds unassisted and often
wowed audiences by bending bars at contests and performing
other insane feats of strength.

Now, you too can learn to lift like the Master.

Sign off,

Your Name

Day 6 email:

Subject: Top 10 Old School Muscle Tips
Link: http://YOURCLICKBANKID.criticalb.hop.clickbank.net?w=76


Top 10 Things I Learned From Chuck Sipes

Reminder: Propel your muscle & strength gains to new heights
with the Power Storm package offered at a discount in memory
of the late great Chuck Sipes. 
Click here to save

1.  Break the rules and do what you like to do.  Chuck taught me that
you don't have to listen to the experts word for word.  There's nothing
wrong with modifying the suggestions to the type of training that you
enjoy.  Chuck said, "Unless the individual is ENJOYING his training
program, he will get discouraged and not put forth FULL EFFORT.

2.   You can still get big and strong even with a busy lifestyle.
Chuck worked for the California Youth Authority for many years taking
troubled youths on 30-day treks in the rugged mountains as part of their
rehab process.   The point is when you're camping and hiking for a month
straight you don't have an easy time getting all the calories and nutrients
you need.  If you talk to anyone that saw Chuck after these trips they'd
vouch that he was in top shape. 

Therefore, being busy at work and with family shouldn't be an excuse
to miss important muscle meals. 

3.   You don't have to take drugs to build monster muscle.
If you take test or other synthetics that's your business, but don't feel
like it's the only way you can achieve an incredible physique that can
perform with brute force.  Chuck was an advocate of natural bodybuilding
and even wrote an article about how drugs were destroying muscle men
in Muscle Training Illustrated. 

It's true Chuck was a genetic freak, but it still goes to show what's possible.

Save $$$ On the Chuck Sipes Power Storm Package

4. Over-training might not be as common as we thought.
Lately with fitness pros it has been trendy to talk about overtraining.  It
seems everyone is afraid of it and trying to avoid it.  Chuck opened my mind
to the fact that maybe guys just aren't training as hard as they used to.  Chuck
trained three times per day prior to winning the 1968 Mr. Wold contest.  I'm
not saying you should train 3x's a day, but maybe that extra few sets won't be
your downfall either :)

5.  Performing feats of strength involve mental fortitude.
As a bonus in the Chuck Sipes Power Storm package, Chuck walks you
through how he would break metal chains with his bare hands.  Yes you have
to be strong, but more importantly you have to be mentally strong and prepared
to accomplish the feat. 


6.  If you eat enough whole foods you don't need supplements.
This is just a good reminder.  Sure supplements are attractive and can give us
a boost but by now I hope that you all know 90% of your nutrition should come
from whole foods and after that you can add some supplements for a little something
extra.  Bottom line, don't rely on supplements, rely on food. Thanks for the reminder


Reminder: Propel your muscle & strength gains to new heights
with the Power Storm package offered at a discount in memory
of the late great Chuck Sipes. 
Click here to save

7.  When you are strong you look strong.
When a lot of guys start training they think they should do isolation movements
and high reps to target and build specific body parts.  There's a big problem with
this though.  The pro bodybuilders you see doing this are just shaping the muscle
mass they have already built with heavy compound movements using lower reps
for their sets.  So if you're new or still trying to gain mass, don't worry about the
high reps and isolation stuff.  Take home pointer:  Train for strength using heavy
weights and low reps and you'll get strong.  When you get strong, you'll look\
strong which is the muscle bound look you're going for.

8.   Forearms have the ability to get huge!
To be honest, my forearm training usually consists of an exercise at the end of
my regular workout.  Chuck took forearm training to a whole "nother" level.
His forearms were 18.5 inches. Are you kidding me?  He's known as the guy
with the huge forearms.  The Power Storm package has tons of arm and forearm
routines for you to try out to give your forearms the "Popeye Treatment".

9.   Don't give in to peer pressure.
Even as an adult people still try to get us to act a certain way or fall in line or
do what everyone else is doing. Chuck was one of the best bodybuilders in the
world at the time, but decided to retire from bodybuilding rather than start 
using steroids like all the others were doing.  Don't do anything just because
everyone else is doing it.  In fact do the opposite for best results.

10.  Share your success with others.
It's easy to be selfish and keep all the secrets to yourself.  Chuck was never
like that.  He was pen pals with a friend of mine named Dennis Weis and sent
him over 35 different 4-week training programs to follow for strength and
size.  This was at the same time that Chuck himself was training for contests
and he still took the time to mentor Dennis and help him with his goals. 


How cool is that. Chuck wasn't too much of a big shot.  He gave back to the
youth and to other lifters.  From what I've gathered he was a really cool guy
that was humble and liked to help people.


In honor of the late Chuck Sipes and to keep his legend alive I have put together
a Chuck Sipes Power Storm package commemorating his life's work.

Chuck will be a guy I always respect because of his good nature, willingness to
give back and because he was strong as a beast and had the perfect body as
far as I'm concerned. 

If you agree, here's your chance to get the Chuck Sipes Power Storm pack.


Build Muscle & Strength Together --<< Last Time You'll Hear About This
Thanks for reading and I hope you have an amazing day.  Which reminds me
one more bonus tip I learned from Chuck.  When you're not training, stop thinking
about it and relax, enjoy yourself and live life to the fullest.

Sign off,

Your Name 

P.S.  Build Muscle & Strength Together --<< Last Time You'll Hear About This


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