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Chuck Sipes One Year of Total Abdominal Specialization

By Dennis Weis “The Yukon Hercules”

Anyone who has followed the competitive bodybuilding career of the late Chuck Sipes, during the golden era will note that Chuck had possessed a sensational abdominal development.

It is apparent that Chuck must have done some very SPECIAL work on this waist region because on the night of the 1968 IFBB Mr. World contest, Chuck not only won the overall title, but best abs award. This feat is almost unheard of for a 220 pound bodybuilder, regardless if he is a Super Star.

I was naturally curious as to how he accomplished this specialization on the waist region because when I did the complete story on his preparation for winning the Mr. World title (Iron Man/Jan 1984), he mentioned that he only performed a few sets of abs exercises to retain sharpness from a special abs program the year (1967) before.

With this thought in mind, I obtained an exclusive interview from Chuck, detailing how he prefers to SPECIALIZE on the waist region. Read this interview very CAREFULLY and I am sure that you will gain much wisdom from this man, Chuck Sipes.

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